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Talleo UI fails to start

Started by kula2, Jun 08, 2020, 08:16 PM

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The machine failed to load UI (probably because Talleo run out of control).

I had no choice but to power it off.  I did.

It said something around corrupt block chain.

Real problem: I cannot get to the wallet.

So I pocked around.  Moved DB directory into another location and it started to work.
At this moment it is re-importing data.


well, I tried removing block chain data.  It did not help.  It started syncing and once it finished, it locked up again.

Without blockchain data my wallet is zero now.  And by the time block chain data is downloaded it locks up entire machine.

It is not a machine problem.  I've had no problems mining monero on it and its memory requirements are just huge compared to this.

Mika Lindqvist

It's normal to UI to stop responding after the block chain is synced as it will start to go through all transactions to see if there is any transfers from or to current wallet address.

Powering off will not flush any data to disk and that can cause both the wallet file and block chain storage to get corrupted.